Meet Jacklin,
Founder, CEO

As a wellness advocate, I also believe in a holistic approach to effective natural skincare and beauty.

Beautiful skin is a combination of the lifestyle choices we make every day…from what we apply to our skin to what we eat, and how often we exercise. 

I know from personal experience how my skin became transformed when I made my own diet and lifestyle changes. 

Welcome to living a full life full of joy and excitements.,

When it comes to your body and skin health, there is no such thing as middle or average and I have made this my mission to help those who want to make a difference ... In my 10X Lady club, I hope to help educate, inform and inspire all of us to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle. 

I hope you’ll join me in this movement and journey.

-Jacklin [AKA, 10X LADY]

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